Our Providers

Patients at Hawthorn Medical Associates have convenient access to exceptional primary care and specialty physicians. With more than 90 providers representing an extensive range of physician specialties, our patients receive improved continuity of care, quicker appointments with specialists, and the highest quality of care for all of their medical needs locally.

Find a provider by name from the alphabetical list below. To find all within a specialty, visit the Specialties & Services page.

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our providers: PCP list

Your health starts at Hawthorn. Start by choosing a PCP.

Adult Medicine
Theophilus Addo, MD
Bing Liu, MD

Family Medicine
Karine Kaleshian, MD
Kimberly Lewis, MD
Ashley Vertente, MD

Nephrology/Primary Care
Shan Qin, MD, PhD

Depending on your insurance plan, these providers are accepting new patients. Call our New Patient Coordinator at 508-961-0588 for information.

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Ask to see a Hawthorn Medical specialist

Did you know that you can insist upon seeing a Hawthorn physician specialist if you are admitted to area hospitals, including St. Luke’s Hospital? While Hawthorn’s preferred facility is Saint Anne’s Hospital, you can make your wishes known to the staff at any area hospital that you want a specialty consultation with a Hawthorn provider if you feel that is needed.