Diabetes Management Center

An important first step in successfully managing diabetes is learning about the disease and how to make the necessary lifestyle changes. The Hawthorn Medical Diabetes Management Program provides a variety of educational services for newly diagnosed diabetics (Type 1 and Type 2), as well as for patients who are experiencing problems with management or changes in their disease.

Although questions such as “How do I check my blood sugar?” “What medication do I take?” “What can I eat?” and “How is this going to affect my family’s lifestyle?” may seem overwhelming, the multi-disciplinary staff at the Center will answer all questions and empower patients to manage their disease.

Our team

Our caring, experienced staff provides comprehensive training in self-management of diabetes. They teach patients how to control their disease by eating healthy, exercising and taking medications properly, and address a number of emotional issues as well. The team includes:

Janet Morgado, RN, BSN, CDE
Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator

Jennifer Carter, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian
Dietitians teach patients how food affects blood sugar and helps patients develop meal plans based on desired weight, lifestyle, medications and other health goals.

This team of professionals works closely with patients’ primary care physicians to manage all aspects of the disease.

The program

Patients and their families meet individually with a registered nurse and a dietitian to discuss treatment, glucose meter usage, self-care skills and dietary habits, and develop a personalized plan to fit each patient’s lifestyle. Patients then attend small-group educational sessions that focus on a variety of issues related to diabetes and give participants an opportunity to share their concerns with other diabetes patients. This 10-hour series of classes, recognized by the American Diabetes Association, covers topics such as Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, Goal-Setting, and Coping Strategies.

A physician referral is required if you wish to enroll in Hawthorn’s Diabetes Management Program. Patients who are newly diagnosed or having problems controlling diabetes, should talk to their doctors. Patients do not have to see a Hawthorn Medical physician in order to participate. Although many insurance plans cover the services of our program, it is best to check with your individual plan for details.

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ADA education recognition

The American Diabetes Association has awarded Education Recognition for a quality diabetes self-management education program to Hawthorn's Diabetes Self-Management Program. The Association's Education Recognition assures that educational programs meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.

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