You are scheduling a SICK VISIT at Hawthorn Medical Pediatrics


This service is only for established patients of Hawthorn Medical Pediatrics and is limited to the management of symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, low-grade fever, cough, ear pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.


Please DO NOT schedule an appointment via this online SICK VISIT scheduling if the appointment is for one of the reasons below:  

         If you need a physical exam, clearance for sports, or a follow-up visit on medication

         If your symptoms are related to a chronic known medical condition

         If you are a new patient to our practice

Instead, call the office at 508-996-3991 during regular business hours (8am-5pm Mon-Fri) to schedule these types of appointments.


If you are under the care of another pediatric office, please call your regular pediatrician to discuss your symptoms and schedule an appointment with their office.


 If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, we advise you to seek medical care at the nearest ER or call 911 immediately. The following symptoms may require a level of care we cannot provide in the office:



Your SICK VISIT will be at the Children's Express Clinic at 531 Faunce Corner Rd.

   Please enter the Hawthorn Medical parking lot via Entrance D and follow the signs for the Children's Express Clinic 

   Reserved parking spots are located across from the Children's Express Clinic entrance

   Please park in one of the reserved spots 

   Once parked, call the receptionist at 508 961 0796 to check in for your appointment 

   Wait in your car until the staff calls you to come inside for your appointment