Fraudulent calls alert

Protect your personal information

It seems that our telephones ring more often these days with robocalls and other fraudulent calls. The scam callers use what look like local and legitimate telephone numbers and claim to be from Medicare, the IRS, your bank, a health care company offering insurance, or your health care provider. These callers ask for personal information, credit card numbers or social security numbers, or some type of payment.

Hawthorn Medical wants their patients to be aware that there are times when we will call you to confirm information:

Pre-registration Calls

Hawthorn Registration staff will call patients to pre-register them for upcoming appointments or procedures. You may also receive a call from Saint Anne’s Hospital if you are having a procedure done at the Saint Anne’s Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center on the Hawthorn campus.
Staff will ask you for your date of birth, information about your health insurance plan, and demographic information like your address and telephone number.

Billing Department/Payment Calls

Our Billing staff call patients when there is an unpaid balance. They will ask for payment or offer to set up a payment plan.

For both types of calls, our staff will be able to verify the doctor’s name, type of service and date of service. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, you can hang up and call Hawthorn back at 508-961-0503 to speak to the Registration supervisor.

We will never ask you to confirm your entire social security number, ask for your banking information/account numbers, or require payment in a manner that is suspicious such as a prepaid credit card.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website has more information as part of their Guard Your Card campaign.