Helena Meyer, DO

Orthopedic Surgery
Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Meyer earned a Doctor of Osteopathy from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, Missouri and completed an Orthopedic Surgery residency at Garden City Hospital through Michigan State University. She then completed an additional year of specialty training during a Foot and Ankle Fellowship at the Michigan International Foot and Ankle Center in Pontiac, Michigan.

Dr. Meyer will treat foot and ankle pain (including toes and heel), arthritis, athletic conditions, sprains and fractures, plantar fasciitis, tendon injuries, acute or chronic deformities such as flat and high arched feet, claw toes and bunions.

location: 531 faunce


531 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth
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specialty: orthopedics

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Helena Meyer, DO
Helena Meyer, DO